Atabek Atayev

Welcome to my personal website! I am a postdoctoral researcher on a tenure track at the ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim. My main research interest lies in Industrial Organization, including topics on Consumer Search, Information Asymmetry and Price Discrimination . You can find a copy of my CV.

Please, take a few minutes to read the text below the photos. More information is on the Gofundme:

In the photo are my younger sister, Leyla, and her son, Azat. Recently Leyla was diagnosed with breast cancer, and any support will improve her chances of winning it.

Leyla is a kind and giving person. In addition to being an excellent wife and a fantastic mom, she has always been an exemplary daughter.  She has taken care our dad, who has been sick for the last ten years.

Leyla is a fighter. When she was eleven years old, she broke her leg in a car accident. She missed her studies for half of the school year.  Nonetheless, she did not only graduate on time, but also did so with excellent grades.

Leyla is a fun person who enjoys simple things in life. She likes hiking, knitting and baking sweets. She loves drinking tea and coffee.

As fate has it, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the happiest period of her life.  Two years ago, she married her current husband Ahmed (who is in the right-side photo), with whom she had been in a long-distance relationship for several years. Less than a year ago, she gave birth to a handsome, healthy and hyperactive son, Azat.  In May 2024, at the peak of her young married life, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Her doctors’ current plan of treatment is to have a Chemotherapy and, later possibly, surgery to remove the tumor.  As she lives in Turkmenistan, we thought her chances would be much better if she is treated in Germany. Unfortunately – but not surprisingly – the cost of treatment is very high.  We think that in addition to our funds, 40,000.00 Euros should be enough. Although this is not a small sum, every penny will make a difference. 

Leyla is not losing hope. On the contrary, she remains positive and deeply believes she can win the cancer. For instance, since her diagnosis, she has hiked more frequently and has started meditating and running in the mornings.  She plans to live a long, healthy and happy life.

Leyla’s family, our parents and I thank you all for all your help. 

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